We are currently running the following staff training courses, both of which are carried out on your own site to ensure that they are fully site and industry specific and also to ensure minimal disruption to your staff's normal working hours.
Fire Extinguisher Awareness Courses

Our staff training courses can be arranged for any hour to suit your business type and to accommodate shift workers / night workers / weekend staff.

Fire Marshal / Warden Courses

Fire Marshals play a vital role in the Fire Safety Plan of your company. They are key nominated members of staff who have special responsibilities in the event of a building evacuation.

It is essential that Fire Marshals are fully aware of their role, of safe and effective evacuation procedures and receive full training on site specific building fire safety information.

We run highly detailed and informative Fire Marshal/Warden courses tailor made to your company's specific needs.

The course content currently includes;

The role of the Fire Marshal/Warden
Company evacuation procedure planning
Fire drills and evacuation
Actions on discovering a fire
Raising the alarm
Fire fighting equipment
Changes to the recent legislation (RRO FSO 2005) Comparmentation
Due to the very company specific nature of the Fire Marshal/Warden Training Course we recommend that the course is run on your premises.
All courses are lead by our fully trained Fire Protection Consultants, all of whom were Fire Officers themselves.