We offer two types of Fire Risk Assessment, both of which comply with the Fire precautions work place regulations 1997 (1999 as amended, FSO2005).

On-line Fire Risk Assessment Check List
This check list is specifically designed to aid you in producing your fire safety procedure. It is provided with a free Fire Precautions log book and completion notes for 12.99 or you can by the Log book on its own for 5.50, please contact us for more information.

Should you subsequently decide you require additional consultancy the cost of the Check list will be discounted from the cost of any consultancy services.

Free Advice & Site Visit Fire Risk Assessment.
We will work in partnership with you, at your site, to identify and minimise fire risk and ensure staff know what to do in the event of a fire. Once an assessment has been completed you will be provided with an individual, easy to understand report detailing significant findings and recommendations. This will form the basis of your Fire Safety Procedures and comply with the Fire Precautions (Workplace Regulations) 1997 (as amended 1999, FSO2005).

Upon completion of the assessment we can tailor future services to provide and maintain:

Staff Training BS5588, Fire Fighting Equipment BSEN3, Fire Detection Systems BS5839, Evacuation Procedures BS5588, Escape Lighting BS5266
Escape Signage HSE REG1996 BS5499, Fire Warden Courses.