What Does The New Legislation Mean For Your Business?

Recent changes to Fire Legislation mean that the requirements for every employer to have an up to date, accurate fire risk assessment will now be enforced by Local Authorities. Your local Fire Brigade will no longer carry out an annual inspection, placing the legal onus on YOU to undertake a fire risk assessment, without one your business may not be insured.

Every day in the United Kingdom there are approximately 120 fires in business properties alone, resulting in losses amounting to 1,000,000's?

Fire occurs when you least expect it and looses organisations money, business continuity, customers, and ultimately life!

Is Your Business Prepared.....?

Do you have more than one employee?
Do you understand the latest fire regulations in accordance with the Fire Precautions (Work Place Regulations) 1997 (1999 as amended) and Fire Safety Order 2005 (FSO2005)?
Do comply with these new fire regulations?

Fire-Safe-Solutions offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your business complies with the fire regulations and to aid your business in becoming a safer place to work.

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